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New York Office

About Kevinleo scent

    Kevinleo Scent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is headquartered in jinhua, zhejiang, China. It is the largest fragrance system manufacturer in Asia and a leader in domestic fragrance marketing. We have hired a professional design team of foreign-funded companies, a leader in professional fragrance equipment integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The cumulative sales have exceeded one million units, and the fragrance has spread all over the country.

     Kevinleo scent boutique fragrance brand is a high-end series created by Guangzhou Anoma and Hong Kong Anoma International Group. Committed to providing unique fragrance labels for commercial spaces such as high-end hotels, real estate properties, office buildings, shopping malls, branded clothing store chains, and automotive 4S flagship stores, as well as creating a green and healthy environment for home space.

     Through high-quality natural fragrance and luxury fashion expansion equipment, the company will help the company integrate olfactory marketing into the overall brand strategy, enhance your brand, space and products and create a lasting impression in the hearts of customers, so that your brand and Customers build more lasting emotional connections.

What Advantage for us

1. Lowest 0.03% defect rate

2. All machine will be tested with oil before ship


3. 2 Year free warranty without human being broken

4. All parts can be provided for warranty,favorable price

    when warranty expire

5. ODM/OEM service acceptable with small quanlity

6. Logo service acceptable for small quantity

7. 24/7 days Service

8. Have warehouse at LA,US.more area is opening

9. Repair service at Ruskin,FL,US.more area is opeing

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